4 Ways to Become a Morning Person

To all of you out there who are night people and can’t stand waking up early in the morning or make enough time to get ready for the day, hello. I fully understand where you are coming from and I want to share my tips to help you become a morning person and starting your day off right. I challenge you to try these steps even if you have to ‘tweek’ them a little to fit your personality and style! 

1. GO TO BED EARLY – I seriously cannot stress this enough. If I don’t have anything going on that evening, I am in bed by like 9PM or so and try to actually sleep no later than 11PM. I feel so much better doing this and than waking up feeling refreshed and energized for the next day. 

2. GIVE YOURSELF ENOUGH TIME TO GET READY – I promise your day will go much better if you get yourself up early enough to get fully ready and prepare your things for the day. Maybe go as far as preparing your lunch or bag the night before so it’s all ready to go in the morning. Also, make time to make your bed and pick your things up so you can come home to a clean area. 

3. MAKE TIME FOR A GOOD BREAKFAST – Like most people, I believe breakfast is super important and it feels good to leave home feeling filled up for the rest of the morning before lunch or before a mid-morning snack. As soon as I wake up, I go make some coffee to sip on throughout getting myself ready. After that, then I like to give myself about a half hour or so before I go to make a meal. 

4. GO THE EXTRA MILE – This could be whatever it is that fits you. If you tend to get by without doing your hair or makeup, maybe throw some mascara on or curl your hair for the day. I know I feel more put together and overall better knowing that I made time to do these things even if I’m not doing much for the day. 

Nanny Life 

I know that I’ve made it known that I am a full time nanny. But, I still often times get people who ask me what I’m doing since I’m not going to college or ask how many kids I watch and so on. So I thought I’d share what my week days look like as far as my job and what my weeks look like. 
My days typically start around 9AM Monday thru Friday and end at about 5PM at the latest, sometimes earlier. I watch two sweet babes, one boy and one girl, both about the age of two. They’re both from separate families who are friends, so it’s convenient to watch them together. Besides their nap time during the day, my day usually consists of us playing, coloring, going outside and eating snacks. They’re at the age where they’re learning to talk and growing into their little personalities, so it’s sweet teaching them new things and watching them absorb what they learn. I often do housework or anything extra while they nap or whenever they’re quietly playing together, too. 
I absolutely love kids. Watching a boy and a girl is super fun too because I get the best of both worlds! Being a nanny is different from any other job. It’s rewarding with the relationships made and it allows me to do the things I need to do to reach my personal goals in life as far as my future career. I feel immensely blessed to have found my two families that I work for and their sweet kiddos. This July will be one year with them and it’s crazy to think how little the babes were compared to now. 
Anyways, by the time I’m done nannying, my nights usually follow with any plans that have been made, going to the gym or just heading home for a relaxing night. If you love kids and need a job, I suggest looking into being a nanny. I don’t think you will regret it with all it comes with! 

Prom 2017

I am so happy I had the chance to go to Prom one more year with my boyfriend! The whole day and night went really well and fun. We went with green after I found this dress that I really liked and it fit both of us well. This Sherri Hill dress is so comfy and fit perfect. I knew I wanted my hair up after having it down last year and because the weather was super windy. I had my sister do an updo style and I did my makeup myself which actually turned out really good. (I say that because I’m still learning the steps to makeup and good eyeshadow blending and I was so happy that it all turned out good.) I was a little upset because we didn’t get as many pictures as I thought we would, but we still got a few good ones of this elegant day! 💚

Mossimo Supply Co. Backpack + Everyday Essentials 

Happy Monday! I wanted to share this backpack that I picked up at Target a couple months ago. I knew I wanted a fun, cute packpack for the summer and as soon as I saw this one, I loved it. I really like the print and simplicity of it. I now take it with me every day to work and it’s great for carrying all that I need! It has a laptop pocket which is nice, too. I believe they had a couple other prints, but this was my favorite. Here are some of my every day essentials that I carry with me throughout the week: 

planner / Magnolia Journal / three notebooks (each for different things) / a reading book / water bottle / phone charger and earbuds / pen pouch / wallet / sometimes I’ll throw in gym clothes too! 

I also thought the price was pretty decent  considering how expensive backpacks can be. I highly recommend if you’re looking for one! 
Have a sweet week, lovelies ❤


Outcry Tour

Today feels like nothing but a Monday. That would be because on Monday I took a trip down to Grand Rapids with my sisters and a friend for the Outcry Tour concert! We drove to my cousins house and she came along and then met up with some other friends at the concert. Seriously, it was everything amazing. Elevation Worship, Lauren Daigle and Jesus Culture performed and let me tell you, it was stunning. If you think they’re good just listening to their albums on your own, you should hear them live. So awesome to be able to worship with thousands of others! We ended up driving home yesterday, Tuesday. A short, but very fun-filled road trip. Car rides are my favorite with sweet people filled with so many laughs. 

Have a sweet week, everyone! 

Love, Hanna 

Easter Weekend 

Hi lovelies, Happy Easter! I hope you’re having a sweet day no matter what you’re doing. On Saturday I went to my boyfriend’s families’ Easter dinner and today we had my family’s dinner. We basically had the same meals at each, so it was kind of nice to have it two different days. Safe to say we are both DONE eating ham for a long time, haha. Today consisted of going to church this morning and then heading back to my house with the fam for our meal and then a little egg hunt for my nephews! It was sweet watching their faces as they found the eggs. (My youngest nephew is almost two and I swear he has had more than 10 pieces of candy today 😂). Of course we had to take some photos all dressed up! My thoughts today were wishing everybody dressed up as nice as they do on Easter more regular. I personally love to dress up and seeing everybody else do it just looks nice and classy. Despite the ugly weather we had, today was a great day. Forever thankful for Jesus and the greatest act of love that He did for us. Without Him, we would be nothing. HE is surely alive. Have a sweet week, everyone! 

Love, Hanna 

Nature Top / Sunday Style

Last weekend I stopped at TJ Maxx just to see what was new. As I was getting ready to check out, I found this adorable floral/nature looking shirt just sitting by itself on a hook. Only being $12.99, I had to get it! It fits great and it’s so comfy. I paired it with leggings and my rainboots thinking it would rain all day, but of course it was really warm and sunny at this time. :/ So cute that I had to share! 

Love, Hanna 

Longboard Weekend

This weekend my boyfriend and I went to MC Sports to check out what deals there were in their closing sale. After debating about it for a while and imagining summer adventures Longboarding together, I decided to pick one up! (30% off too!) He already had one so it worked out great. After that we went out for a couple hours and it was SO fun and I got the hang of it really fast. I told him that I am probably going to bug him now about wanting to go so much, ha! I’m seriously so excited for warm summer nights and going to different places to ride these babies.  Also, we started the new show 13 Reason Why on Netflix. Two episodes in and we’re so eager and confused as to where it is going to lead. Really good so far! 

Happy Sunday lovelies, go out and make this a good week! 

Love, Hanna 

Style Favorites / Girls Weekend 

Recently, my best friend and I went on a much needed little shopping trip. It was filled with lots of laughs, blonde moments and listening to Ed Sheeran’s new album on repeat (which I am still obsessed with). We actually had to bring our bags in where we were staying for the night because neither of us knew what each other got since we split up in the stores. (This explains us perfectly, wanting to show each other what we got, haha). 

I purchased quite a lot of items and I’m pretty happy with myself that the most expensive item I bought was $16. Yes, that’s right. AND they were a pair of Abercrombie jeans from TjMaxx on clearance. I’m a shopper that aims for those sales and clearance racks and can easily find those awesome deals. The trick? DIG. A lot of stores have so many random pieces in the clearance piles that you literally have to dig. There were also just some really great deals too since it’s spring break month too, so that helped! Here are just a few of my favorite pieces that I purchased and wanted to share. 

Shirt- Old Navy. Jeans- TjMaxx (Abercrombie and Fitch). Added these shoes I had to complete a style look.

Tee’s from Old Navy. Yellow- “Relaxed”. Blue- “Boyfriend”.

Purchased this tan Hat from Forever21 along with a green one AND a black one from Old Navy. (All on clearance, oh yeah). Sunglasses- Francesca’s. (My favorite purchase)

Jean Shirt and Sneakers- Forever21

Blush Jeans- Platos Closet (Old Navy). Floral Skirt- Platos Closet (Target).