Easter Weekend 

Hi lovelies, Happy Easter! I hope you’re having a sweet day no matter what you’re doing. On Saturday I went to my boyfriend’s families’ Easter dinner and today we had my family’s dinner. We basically had the same meals at each, so it was kind of nice to have it two different days. Safe to say we are both DONE eating ham for a long time, haha. Today consisted of going to church this morning and then heading back to my house with the fam for our meal and then a little egg hunt for my nephews! It was sweet watching their faces as they found the eggs. (My youngest nephew is almost two and I swear he has had more than 10 pieces of candy today 😂). Of course we had to take some photos all dressed up! My thoughts today were wishing everybody dressed up as nice as they do on Easter more regular. I personally love to dress up and seeing everybody else do it just looks nice and classy. Despite the ugly weather we had, today was a great day. Forever thankful for Jesus and the greatest act of love that He did for us. Without Him, we would be nothing. HE is surely alive. Have a sweet week, everyone! 

Love, Hanna 


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