Mossimo Supply Co. Backpack + Everyday Essentials 

Happy Monday! I wanted to share this backpack that I picked up at Target a couple months ago. I knew I wanted a fun, cute packpack for the summer and as soon as I saw this one, I loved it. I really like the print and simplicity of it. I now take it with me every day to work and it’s great for carrying all that I need! It has a laptop pocket which is nice, too. I believe they had a couple other prints, but this was my favorite. Here are some of my every day essentials that I carry with me throughout the week: 

planner / Magnolia Journal / three notebooks (each for different things) / a reading book / water bottle / phone charger and earbuds / pen pouch / wallet / sometimes I’ll throw in gym clothes too! 

I also thought the price was pretty decent  considering how expensive backpacks can be. I highly recommend if you’re looking for one! 
Have a sweet week, lovelies ❤


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