Nanny Life 

I know that I’ve made it known that I am a full time nanny. But, I still often times get people who ask me what I’m doing since I’m not going to college or ask how many kids I watch and so on. So I thought I’d share what my week days look like as far as my job and what my weeks look like. 
My days typically start around 9AM Monday thru Friday and end at about 5PM at the latest, sometimes earlier. I watch two sweet babes, one boy and one girl, both about the age of two. They’re both from separate families who are friends, so it’s convenient to watch them together. Besides their nap time during the day, my day usually consists of us playing, coloring, going outside and eating snacks. They’re at the age where they’re learning to talk and growing into their little personalities, so it’s sweet teaching them new things and watching them absorb what they learn. I often do housework or anything extra while they nap or whenever they’re quietly playing together, too. 
I absolutely love kids. Watching a boy and a girl is super fun too because I get the best of both worlds! Being a nanny is different from any other job. It’s rewarding with the relationships made and it allows me to do the things I need to do to reach my personal goals in life as far as my future career. I feel immensely blessed to have found my two families that I work for and their sweet kiddos. This July will be one year with them and it’s crazy to think how little the babes were compared to now. 
Anyways, by the time I’m done nannying, my nights usually follow with any plans that have been made, going to the gym or just heading home for a relaxing night. If you love kids and need a job, I suggest looking into being a nanny. I don’t think you will regret it with all it comes with! 


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